ASLM Certified SLIPTA Auditors

ASLM Certified WHO-AFRO SLIPTA Auditors
updated March 2018

The African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) has been designated by WHO-AFRO in October 2012 to coordinate and lead the implementation of the Stepwise Quality Laboratory Improvement Process towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) in Africa. ASLM has then developed a standardized SLIPTA auditor training curricula and trained the training at a country and regional levels.

The training curriculum is designed for five days – the first three days for didactic sessions, the fourth day for mock audit practice and the last day for feedback provision and examination of the training participants to identify successful candidates. Those who can score a minimum of 70% in the final examination will be linked with the 3-5 post-training audit practicum with the supervision of ASLM Certified Auditors. Based on the recommendation from the lead auditors, candidate can be certified.

The certificate will be valid for three years and all certified auditors are required to conduct three to five ASLM official audits to maintain audit competency. Auditors, whose certificate has expired, are expected to contact ASLM and request for the renewal of the certificate.

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