HIV POC (NAT) Landscape in Africa

HIV POC (NAT) Landscape in Africa
updated November 2017

HIV Point of Care (Nucleic Acid Tests) Landscape in Africa. Welcome to the point of Care (POC) – early infant diagnosis (EID) landscape in Africa. Through funding provided by Unitaid, CHAI, UNICEF, and ASLM, have successfully supported the introduction of point-of-care (POC) early infant diagnosis and viral load (VL) technologies and pilot activities in sub-Saharan African countries. Strategic deployment of POC infant diagnosis is key in getting more infants tested for HIV and initiated on treatment in a timely manner. This map indicates the technologies being used by countries in Africa.

  • Orange = Countries with only 1 POC – EID technology registered
  • Yellow = Countries with 2 POC - EID technologies registered
  • Green = Countries with 3 and above POC - EID technologies registered