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Summary of IDDS Sample Referral and Transport Consultant

Position Title Duration Type Position Date Job Location
IDDS Sample Referral and Transport Consultant 60 days Consultancy 14 November 2019

ASLM background

The African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) is a pan-African professional body working to advocate for the critical role and needs of laboratory medicine and networks throughout Africa. Africa is rapidly growing but faces major health challenges including epidemics of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, and new priorities such as Ebola and other global health security threats. Strengthened laboratory capacity and surveillance in Africa are critical to overcoming the burden of disease and ensuring a healthy future for the continent. ASLM addresses these challenges by working collaboratively with governments, local and international organizations, implementing partners, and the private sector.

Summary of the position:

Infectious Disease Detection and Surveillance (IDDS) is a five-year USAID-funded project with the following overall objectives: (1) Improve the detection of diseases of public health importance and identification of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in priority infectious diseases through an accessible, accurate, adaptable, timely, and integrated diagnostic network system; (2) Improve the quality of real-time surveillance systems for pathogens of greatest public health concern, including AMR and zoonotic diseases, and; (3) Generate evidence-based guidance and innovative solutions to strengthen in-country diagnostic networks and surveillance systems. The USAID IDDS Program is seeking a Sample Referral and Transport expert consultant to strengthen the national referral systems in Cameroon and Guinea.

The IDDS Sample Referral Consultant will provide technical assistance to develop an evaluation tool and assess country sample referral and transport systems, and provide detailed recommendations to improve and/or design integrated national sample referral and transport systems in each project country. This position is expected to support activities in Cameroon and Guinea.

Key Responsibilities:


The consultant will provide an in-depth evaluation of the specimen referral, transport, diagnostic and results return systems in Cameroon and recommendations for developing an integrated network. The consultant will be expected to:

  1. Develop situational analysis assessment tool
  2. Conduct assessment of specimen transport, referral, diagnostic services at facilities, and result delivery systems (human and animal health)
  3. Provide recommendations for improving existing system and enabling disease integration where possible


The consultant will provide an in-depth evaluation of the specimen referral and results return systems in three regions in Guinea and recommendations for improvement to the national specimen referral network. The consultant will be expected to:

  1. In consultation with DNL (Direction Nationale des Laboratoires) agree upon using selected regions and upon an assessment protocol
  2. Conduct assessment to identify specimen referral and transport systems issues and to formulate recommendations for strengthening systems for the regions and that can be generalized to other regions
  3. Identify recommendation(s) to implement
  4. Support implementation of recommendations



  1. Situational analysis assessment tool
  2. Specimen transport, referral, diagnostic test availability, and delivery of results assessment report in human and animal health sector
  3. Documentation for recommendations for system optimization and disease integration of systems


  1. Selection of three regions finalized
  2. Assessment protocol finalized
  3. Assessment report with recommendations
  4. Recommendations for strengthening specimen transport in 3 regions and nationally
  5. Implementation reports
  6. Workshop reports and national rollout plan

Experiance and Qualifications:

This position requires a highly motivated individual with diverse technical knowledge, strong programme coordination and organizational skills, and experience working in Africa.  S/he must be able to function independently, be a self-starter, dedicated, and have a strong commitment to excellence. S/he should also exhibit a number of important personal qualities: resourcefulness, responsibility, tenacity, independence, energy, and work ethic.

Minimum Education & Experience:

  • MBA or Master’s degree in public health, or a bachelor’s degree in a similar field with a minimum of ten (10) years of professional experience.
  • Ability to establish working relationships with diverse groups, as well as the ability to work independently.
  • Demonstrated capability to handle multiple tasks under tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of: Microsoft Office applications with proficiency in Excel, Word, and Outlook.
  • Experience with infectious disease diagnostics preferred.
  • Fluency in English required. Working knowledge in French, preferred.
  • Prior experience assessing, designing and implementing sample referral systems in Africa required.

How to apply:

  • The application website closes on 14th November 2019 at 5:30 PM Addis Ababa time and any application sent after the deadline will NOT be accepted. Interested applicants should apply online.
  • If you can’t access the link, you can send your resume and application letter to Email.

Additional Information:

This position is a contract position and subject to available funding. ASLM may terminate employment at any time due to funding, or for any other lawful reason.

Please note that all applicants should apply online or Email.

*ONLY successful candidates shall be contacted for an interview.

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