National Public Health Institutes Program (NPHIs)
A Proactive network of Public Health Laboratories in order to improve Health systems in Africa

What is the APHLN?

  • APHLN is a landmark, pan-African network of national public health laboratories promoting collaboration and coordination to address healthcare priorities in Africa. Through an established communication network.

Why APHLN network?

  • The African Public Health Laboratory Network (APHLN) is a collaborative group of laboratories, which have expertise and implement surveillance and provide services to detect and respond to disease threats and outbreaks.


  • Facilitate information sharing
  • Establish standardised protocols and policies
  • Provide diagnostic testing services
  • Improve health workforce capacity
  • Harmonise regulations
  • Promote South-South collaborations
  • Strengthen existing regional and disease-specific networks and better leverage resources
  • Help establish or enhance individual national laboratory systems and ensure that they are connected to their respective regional networks

ASLM purpose is to lead the development of an African Public Health Laboratory Network (APHLN) that will empower and facilitate practical solutions to sharing regional laboratory services and facilitating cross border transport of specimens for diagnostic testing.