HIV Point-of-Care (POC) Testing

View the ASLM Point-of-Care meeting report from May 2012.

This web project aims to provide an interactive real-time website that would gather and present current and upcoming HIV point-of-care (POC) information in a single venue easily accessible to the international scientific community.  This POC site will allow for more efficient and effective collection and analysis of data, monitoring, dissemination of findings, and a platform for free exchange of information.


  1. To provide effective and efficient evaluations of new POC technologies resulting in consistent and fair cost-savings evaluations.
  2. To provide guidance on the implementation of new technologies to ensure the greatest impact on programmes.
  3. To improve on collaborations with partners and Ministries of Health.

Planned Features for this ASLM HIV POC Web Portal

Reference Portal

  • Interactive timeline of POC platform releases
  • Links to partner websites with important relevant information
Communication Portal

  • Forums for sharing ideas, asking questions, and collaborating
Data Portal

  • Interactive map of ongoing multi-site POC evaluations
  • Sharing of open-source data and content
Post-Market Surveillance Page

  • Sharing of post-market POC surveillance data