Integrated Testing for TB and HIV Using GeneXpert Devices Expands Access to near Point-Of-Care Testing

 Originally published on September 4, 2019   Posted on September 4, 2019

With limited funding for global health, identifying practical, cost and timesaving solutions, while also ensuring quality of care is increasingly important. One approach to increasing access to Point-of-Care testing is integrated testing (a term often used interchangeably with “multi-disease testing”), which tests for different conditions or diseases using the same diagnostic platform. This brief summarizes the key findings and lessons learned from Zimbabwe’s pilot implementation of TB/HIV testing integration, while also highlighting the benefits of integrated testing for clients, health providers and the health system. It is intended to be a resource for countries interested in deploying and/or scaling up POC integrated testing in their own contexts. Available in both French and English, this issue brief was developed by UNICEF, the Zimbabwe MoH and global health partners ASLM, CHAI and Unitaid.