African Journal of Laboratory Medicine

The African Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM) is the open-access scientific journal published by the African Society for Laboratory Medicine.

AJLM serves as a forum for perspectives on the role of laboratories in public health and clinical care. It also fosters communication among laboratory staff, clinicians, scientists, the medical community, public health officials and policy makers. AJLM is published on a rolling basis, and is available for free online. Article topics of particular interest include:

  • the conversion of laboratory expertise, procedures and technology into clinical care.
  • the intersection of laboratory and medical science, laboratory- based epidemiology, and laboratory investigations.
  • the real-world application and effectiveness of laboratory science.

AJLM is seeking volunteer peer reviewers with a high-level of expertise to evaluate the quality of scientific manuscripts. Peer reviewers will offer objective, detailed comments and suggestions, as well as make recommendations to: accept, accept with revisions, reconsider with major revisions, or reject submissions. Peer reviewers will be contacted before being forwarded manuscripts and will be expected to provide feedback within two to three weeks of receiving a manuscript. Click here to download a peer reviewer volunteer submission form. Kindly submit the form to the AJLM Managing Editor for consideration (Email).