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CROI 2019

When: 4-7 March 2019
What: The annual Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) brings together top basic, translational, and clinical researchers from around the world to share the latest studies, important developments, and best research methods in the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS and related infectious diseases.
Where: Seattle, Washington, USA
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2nd International Conference on (RE-) Emerging Infectious Diseases

When: 13-15 March 2019
What: The role of national public health institutes and networks in combatting emerging and re-emerging infections
Where: African Union Conference Center, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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13 Interest

When: 14-17 May 2019
What: the INTEREST Conference brings together scientists involved in HIV treatment, pathogenesis, and prevention research in Africa to share pivotal findings, promote collaboration, and transfer experiences across several fields and many continents and showcases cutting-edge knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of HIV and the prevention of the HIV-1 infection.
Where: Accra, Ghana
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11th International Workshop on HIV Pediatrics

When: 19-20 July 2019
What: The HIV Pediatrics Workshop is the only meeting entirely devoted to research in the prevention
and treatment of HIV infections in infants, children and adolescents, making it the premier forum
for the world’s leading researchers.
Where: Mexico City, Mexico
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When: 21-24 July 2019
What: This biennial conference presents the critical advances in basic, clinical and operational research that moves science into policy and practice. The meeting sets the gold standard of HIV research featuring highly diverse and cutting-edge studies.
Where: Mexico City, Mexico
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When: 2-7 Dec 2019
What: The conference theme, “AIDS FREE AFRICA – Innovation, Community, and Political Leadership” engages the whole continent and all stakeholders in the Post-SDG Framework, where sustainability of the response in reaching 90, 90, 90 UNAIDS will not be possible if human rights are not key a priority for leadership in the context of strengthening the application of science-based evidence.
Where: Kigali, Rwanda
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