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6th Int’l Symposium on Sickle Cell Disease in Central Africa

25-27 May 2016

The main theme of the symposium will focus on “accessible treatments, new technologies and innovations, and breaking the silence” for sickle cell disease in Africa. Registration is now open. Visit the website to register and learn more about the speakers.

Location: Hotel Africana, Kampala, Uganda

McGill Summer Institute in Infectious Diseases and Global Health 2016

Week 1: 13-17 June 2016

  • TB Research Methods
  • Global Health Diagnostics

Week 2: 20-24 June 2016

  • Advanced TB Diagnostic Methods
  • Molecular and Genetic Epidemiology (NEW in 2016)
  • Tropical and Parasitic Diseases (NEW in 2016)

McGill University and McGill University Health Centre have exceptionally strong research groups and centres working on TB, HIV, and neglected tropical diseases. These Centres work together each summer to hold several short courses on infectious disease. McGill Summer Institute courses feature internationally known faculty, a focus on highly applicable new knowledge, and an opportunity to network with fellow global health professionals from around the world.


Location: Montreal, Canada

Epidemiological evaluation of vaccines: efficacy, safety and policy

4-15 July 2016

An intensive 2-week course on The Epidemiological Evaluation of Vaccines at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Although there are several courses in vaccinology, few are aimed at advanced epidemiological tools for vaccine evaluation. This course fills that gap, providing an understanding of the methods used in the evaluation of vaccines from early clinical trials through to assessment of population impact, modelling, cost-effectiveness analysis, safety surveillance, and policy. It aims to tackle issues in high, middle, and low income countries.

Location: London, UK
Contact: Course Website


Saturday 3 December 2016 – Thursday 8 December 2016

ASLM2016 is the third biennial international conference of the African Society for Laboratory Medicine (ASLM) centred around the theme “Laboratory Medicine in Africa: Combatting Global Health Threats”. ASLM2016 aims to serve as a platform for the international laboratory medicine community to share best practices, acquire knowledge and debate innovative approaches for combatting global health threats.

ASLM2016 is scheduled to be held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, in Cape Town, South Africa, from 3-8 December 2016. (The exhibition hall will be available from 5-8 December 2016.)

ASLM is an independent, pan-African professional body that coordinates, galvanises and mobilises relevant stakeholders – local, national and international – so that together, we improve local access to world-class laboratory services and ensure healthy African communities now and for the long-term.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa (venue: CTICC)
Contact: or send us an Email.

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