ASLM Supports Africa’s Battle Against Antimicrobial Resistance (November 2019)

ASLM Facilitates the First SLIPTA Auditor Training for Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory Staff in Ethiopia (September 2019)

The Mapping Antimicrobial Resistance and Antimicrobial Use Partnership (MAAP) visits Nigeria, Tanzania and Burkina Faso (September 2019)

New Partnership to Build Tuberculosis Diagnostic Capacity for West Africa (August 2019)

The Regional Laboratory Systems Strengthening Workshop: Fostering South-to-South Collaboration (July 2019)

ASLM’s Laboratory Quality Program Supports One Health (June 2019)

Training on HIV Viral Load and Infant Virological Testing Scorecard: (March 2019)

Cepheid Lowers Pricing for Multiple Xpert®-Family Virology Tests for Low- and Middle-Income Countries (August 2018)

Cepheid Receives World Health Organization Pre-Qualification of Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load Test (Updated) (June 2018)

West and Central African countries step up plans to increase access to point-of-care early infant diagnosis (June 2018)

Laboratory Medicine Highlighted in Series of Lancet Articles (June 2018)

Central Africa Regional Meeting on Strengthening Laboratory Systems and Networks in Support of Disease Surveillance (April 2018)

WHO Webex : Costing HIV testing services Understanding and Using data for decision-making (April 2018)

ASLM celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, 22-28 April 2018 (April 2018)

African Laboratory Medicine Organisations Announce Plans for New Collaboration (March 2018)

The 10th Annual Conference of the Ethiopian Public Health Laboratory Association in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (March 2018)

ASLM participates in biorisk strategic planning in Nairobi, Kenya (February 2018)

Reaching the Third 90 – Special Issue of JIAS Available Now (December 2017)

ASLM to Lead Africa CDC Public Health Laboratory Leadership Programme (November 2017)

ASLM Enters Partnership with IANPHI at 2017 Annual Meeting in Rome (November 2017)

ASLM Partners with AFRAC to Support ISO Accreditation of African Medical Laboratories (October 2017)

ASLM participates in 67th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Africa in Zimbabwe (September 2017)

WHO Global Open Consultation for Innovative Personal Protective Equipment (September 2017)

SLIPTA Success story: Uganda National EID/VL Laboratory achieved International Accreditation (September 2017)

HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Consultative Meeting on Disease Research (September 2017)

ASLM in New York to support point-of-care device scale-up efforts in Africa (September 2017)

ASLM Strengthens National Efforts in Biosafety and Biosecurity in Tanzania under the GHSA (August 2017)

First Technical Staff Meeting between ASLM and Africa CDC (August 2017)

National Review Meeting on HIV Viral Load Testing and Early Infant Diagnosis in Ethiopia (July 2017)

ASLM 2017 Strategic Planning Retreat (July 2017)

Mapping laboratory capacity in Africa to improve national laboratory networks. (July 2017)

Leadership Showcase: Clara Doe Mvogo, Mayor of Monrovia, Liberia (June 2017)

ASLM Supports the Africa Regional Flu Workshop in Ghana (May 2017)

ASLM Celebrates Medical Laboratory Professionals Week (April 2017)

World Malaria Day 2016: Significant Gains, Closing the Gaps (April 2016)

Preventing, Detecting, and Responding: Moving the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA) Forward in Africa; An Interview with US Ambassador and GHSA Champion Dr. Bonnie Jenkins (April 2016)

Integrating Tiered Lab Networks within Public Health Institutes: The Ethiopian Public Health Institute (EPHI) Experience (April 2016)

The Results Are In: How a National Sample and Results Transport Network is Improving Patient Care in Uganda (April 2016)

Tuberculosis: Meeting a Target, Aiming for a Milestone (March 2016)

An Intrepid New Approach to Global Health Security Threats (March 2016)

The High Stakes of Fighting Zika: the Virus Challenging Public Health Systems (February 2016)

Leading Minds in HIV and Infection Control to Share Research Findings at CROI Conference (February 2016)

Prioritising the “Silent Killer”: Africa Must Leverage HIV/AIDS Response Lessons to Confront Cancer (February 2016)

Fostering Quality Laboratory Networks through Accreditation in Togo (December 2015)

Revitalised Laboratory Declaration to Forge a Path for Action (November 2015)

Combatting Drug Resistance in Africa (November 2015)

Keeping on Point: Ensuring High Quality Point-of-Care Testing in Africa (November 2015)

Once an Ignored Threat, Antimicrobial Resistance Becomes an International Priority (November 2015)

Improving Disease Surveillance Through A Community-Tailored Framework (November 2015)

Settling the Score: How a Laboratory Network Assessment Tool Can be Used to Score Functionality (November 2015)

Guidance on the Regulation of New Diagnostics in Time of Outbreak (October 2015)

Developing a Laboratory Outbreak Preparedness Score Card: The Sierra Leone Field Experience (October 2015)

Reconstructing Laboratory Systems: How to Rebuild in Ebola-Affected Countries (October 2015)

Bridging the Treatment Gap in Africa: Global Coalition Works to Reduce Cost of HIV Testing in Infants (August 2015)

New Phnom Penh Statement: Gaining Momentum to End AIDS by 2030 (August 2015)

Fighting to Eliminate Ebola and Strengthen Health Systems: An African Perspective (June 2015)

Mozambique Achieves Accreditation for its National TB Reference Laboratory (June 2015)

Pioneering New Diagnostics: Addressing Challenges and Implications for Point-of-Care Testing in African Settings (March 2015)

Smartphone Technology Bolsters Infectious Disease Surveillance (January 2015)

Combatting Ebola with Leadership and Infrastructure: Exchanging Ideas with Dr. Peter Piot (December 2014)

Infectious Disease Surveillance in Times of Calm and in Times of Storm (December 2014)

Partners Meeting Reviews the Implementation of a National Strategic Plan in Angola (November 2014)

New ASLM Country Ambassador Champions Laboratory Medicine in Central Africa (November 2014)

ASLM Continues Commitment to Expanded HIV Viral Load Testing (November 2014)

ASLM Facilitates Joint SLIPTA Auditor Training and Quality Management System Workshop (November 2014)

An Interview with NHLS CEO Sagie Pillay, ASLM2014 Co-Chair (October 2014)

Leveraging Collaboration to Improve HIV Diagnostic Quality and Expand Testing in Africa (October 2014)

Profile of a Medical Research Advocate in Senegal: Prof. Souleymane Mboup (October 2014)

ASLM Joins GLI Core Group (October 2014)

In Cameroon, Improving HIV Diagnoses through a Volunteer Quality Corps (October 2014)

ASLM Facilitates Workshops in Partnership with CLSI and NHLS (September 2014)

UNAIDS Sets Targets for HIV Treatment and Monitoring (September 2014)

ASLM2014 Partner Spotlight: Daktari Diagnostics Develops Quality Products Geared Toward Remote Settings (September 2014)

A View of the Ebola Outbreak: Laboratory Workers as Key Partners (September 2014)

Ebola Response: ASLM Interview with Dr. Jean-Bosco Ndihokubwayo (August 2014)

Accreditation Gains Traction in Egypt (July 2014)

ASLM/EDCTP Mentorship “Training of Trainers” Workshop Conducted in Ethiopia (July 2014)

Atelier de Formation de Formateur Organisé par EDCTP/ASLM, en Ethiopie (July 2014)

Proficiency Testing: Diagnosing Threats to Quality (July 2014)

Advancing Laboratory Practices Through An Online Professional Community (July 2014)

KEMRI Demonstrates Excellence in Research and Laboratory Strengthening (July 2014)

Global Health Trials Offers Abundance of Free e-Learning Resources (July 2014)

New Tests Provide Breakthrough In The Fight Against Drug-Resistant Malaria (July 2014)

ASLM Board Chair Champions Laboratory Medicine at Infectious Diseases Conference (June 2014)

Member Spotlight: Prof. Anthony Emeribe (June 2014)

ASLM Promotes Laboratory Capacity Building Through Collaborative Trainings (June 2014)

SLIPTA Auditors Training Held 26-30 May 2014 in Adama, Ethiopia (June 2014)

Letter from the ASLM CEO: Advocacy, Education and Collaboration (June 2014)

ASLM Member Viewpoint: Getting the Most from Laboratory Medicine (May 2014)

ASLM Supports Development and Review of African Laboratory Training Programmes (May 2014)

ASLM Welcomes New Addition to Ambassador Programme (May 2014)

IHVN and ASLM Partner to Train Scientists on Research Writing (May 2014)

ASLM2014 Conference: Letter from the ASLM CEO (April 2014)

ACILT Offers Policy & Strategic Planning Course (April 2014)

Addressing Cryptococcal Infection in Africa: Better Diagnostic Opportunities Yield Results (April 2014)

Research Feature: The Global Health Network’s SiteFinder Web Portal (April 2014)

ASLM Co-Hosts Diagnostics Industry Forum (April 2014)

Cameroon Health Minister Mama Fouda: Leadership in Action (April 2014)

ASLM Collaborating Centres Feature: Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) (March 2014)

UNAIDS and ASLM Formalise Partnership to Improve Laboratories and Access to HIV Testing (December 2013)

Increasing Laboratory Supply Chain Transparency, Kenya Takes Bold Steps (November 2013)

Senegal: New Department Brings Focus toward Raising Laboratory Standards (October 2013)

ASLM to Host Satellite Session at ICASA 2013 (December 2013)

WHO Releases 2013 Global Tuberculosis Report (October 2013)

PAHWP Addresses Regulation of Medical Devices and Diagnostics to Protect Public Health in Africa (September 2013)

UNAIDS Releases 2013 Global Report (September 2013)

In the Wake of Conflict: The Impact of War on Laboratory Services (September 2013)

World Health Organization releases Guide for the Stepwise Laboratory Improvement Process Towards Accreditation (SLIPTA) in Africa (September 2013)

AJLM to Publish Special Issue on SLMTA (August 2013)

ASLM to Offer Continuing Education Credits (August 2013)

ASLM Co-Sponsors Training Workshop on Pioneering Rapid TB Diagnostic Technology (July 2013)

Open Access Journals Provide Expanded Research Opportunities Without the Cost (February 2013)

Spotlight on Prof. Alash’le Abimiku, Nigeria (July 2012)

ASLM-Botswana Becomes First Local Branch of ASLM at Symposium in Gaborone (July 2012)

Meet the Researcher: Dr. Kefas Mugittu, Tanzania (May 2012)