What is the difference between SLIPTA and SLMTA?

What is SLMTA?NEW_SLMTA_5.27 (no white background)
Strengthening Laboratory Management Toward Accreditation

A task-based training and mentoring tool kit provided to the laboratory personnel in a multi-workshop implementation model. The foundation of this programme is a framework that defines the tasks a laboratory manager must perform in order to deliver quality laboratory services which support optimal patient care. Training activities are designed to enable laboratory managers to accomplish those tasks, using tools and job aides to enhance their management routines. It empowers laboratory managers to initiate immediate laboratory improvement measures, even without additional resources. For more information about SLMTA, please visit www.SLMTA.org

What is SLIPTA?
Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process Towards Accreditation

sliptaA framework of auditing developed in line with the ISO 15189:2007 Standards and to a certain extent with the 12 Quality System Essentials of the CLSI Laboratory Quality Management System Guidelines. It is used to measure and evaluate the progress of laboratory quality system and award a certificate of recognition (five star levels). It can be used at baseline, during supervision, and for monitoring and evaluation of laboratory progress towards accreditation.

A toolkit for training and mentoring A framework for auditing and monitoring
Prepares and supports laboratory quality improvement Checks and monitors the improvement process using the SLIPTA checklist
Develops work plans and executes improvement projects Identifies gaps, non-conformities and provides recommendations for corrective actions
Implemented by laboratory personnel (laboratory managers) Audits performed by ASLM-certified SLIPTA auditors
Graduates on SLMTA and prepares for inspection Determines star level and provides Certificate of Recognition (1-5 star levels)


For additional information about SLIPTA, please Email us.

For more information about SLMTA, please visit www.SLMTA.org

For more information about SLMTA, please Email Dr. Katy Yao.