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Summary of Director of Programmes Position:

Position Title ID Type Position Date Job Location
Director of Programmes 2016-1181 Regular Full-Time 7/18/2016 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

The Director of Programmes position offers the opportunity to help lead a growing and dynamic international non-profit as it expands across the African continent. This role is ideal for those interested in applying skills developed in the public and private sector or technical professionals with excellent project management experience.

Successfully coordinating ASLM initiatives will require the Director of Programmes to effectively coordinate across multi-disciplinary teams , develop and manage programmatic work plans and budgets, develop comprehensive reports and other documents, coordinate with multiple internal and external stakeholders, and ensure compliance with donor requirements.


Under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Programmes oversees all aspects of coordinating and implementing ASLM’s continent-wide laboratory strengthening agenda. Specifically, the Director of Programmes will:

Program and Budget Management

  • Serve as the principal program representative for ASLM activities, providing expertise, guidance, and leadership to support all programmatic activities.
  • Ensure that the organization’s strategic plan, mission, vision and values are communicated effectively and reflected in the work plans, budgets and other documents.
  • Provide comprehensive technical, administrative, and management advice and guidance on program activities that are extremely broad and diverse and are carried out through a large network or consultants, contractors and partners operating from various locations.
  • Conduct long range planning and evaluation, including Collecting, compiling, analyzing, and/or synthesizing an excessive amount of program data to prepare summaries and reports.
  • Reviews relevant policies, updates and programmatic materials to assess the impact on ASLM and partner public health program activities, initiatives, and policies then initiates action accordingly.
  • Plan, develop and manage public health activities in collaboration with international stakeholders, Ministries of Health, World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and others.
  • Provide leadership in developing and implementing program plans and work plan activities, ensuring consistency with funding requirements, ASLM goals and objectives and donor/stakeholder goals and priorities.
  • Lead and/or participate in operational or planning meetings, public briefings, or other formal and informal settings to publicize program and/or gain support and cooperation.
  • Ensure that the ASLM strategic plan, mission, vision, and values are integrated into the organization’s programmatic activities, workplans, budgets and other programmatic documents.
  • Monitor and report on the status and progress of work, checking on work in progress and reviewing completed work to see that the supervisor’s instructions on work priorities, methods, deadlines and quality have been met.
  • Prepare reports and maintain records of work accomplishments and administrative information, as required, and coordinate the preparation, presentation and communication of work-related information to internal staff and external stakeholders.
  • Work collaboratively with partners and donors to prepare reports and other substantive program documentation including technical documents, evaluation results, fact sheets, progress reports etc.
  • Develop, monitor and provide reports to support and ensure accountability for funds provided to the organization. This will include ensure proper tracking, timely payment and appropriate execution of finds in alignment with donor requirements.
  • Manages and oversees funding/budgets and a variety of grants, cooperative agreements, and awards including monitoring, evaluation, coordination, and timely reporting to donors and other stakeholders.
  • Prepares and/or assists with preparing contracts, consulting agreements, proposals, etc. for professional, programmatic or other services pertinent to support the ASLM and donor goals and objectives.

Partnerships and Team Leadership

  • Ensure effective collaborations and coordination with donors and stakeholders including but not limited to Ministries of Health, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and other partners.
  • Coordinate and lead across ASLM programmatic and administrative teams to ensure overall work plan performance as well as identifying, distributing and balancing workload and tasks among ASLM programmatic and monitoring workplan activities to ensure timely and appropriate completion of assignments.
  • Ensure that the organization’s strategic plan, mission, vision, and values are communicated to the team and integrated into the team’s strategies, goals, objectives, work plans and work products and services.
  • Articulate and communicate to the team the assignment, project, problem to be solved, actionable events, milestones, and/or program issues under review, and deadlines and time frames for completion.
  • Coach the ASLM programmatic team in the selection and application of appropriate problem solving methods and techniques, provide advice on work methods, practices and procedures, and assist the team and/or individual members in identifying the parameters of a viable solution.
  • Lead the ASLM Team in: identifying, distributing and balancing workload and tasks among employees in accordance with established work flow, skill level and/or occupational specialization; making adjustments to accomplish the workload in accordance with established priorities to ensure timely accomplishment of assigned organization tasks.


  • Knowledge of the policies, procedures, and regulations to manage and oversee funds and a variety of grants, cooperative agreements, and awards.
  • Expert knowledge of a wide range of qualitative and/or quantitative methods to review, evaluate, and improve public health program activities and operations.
  • Knowledge of ASLM, donor and stakeholder goals and objectives and the relationship with other programs and key functions both internally and externally. This should include the ability to integrate program activities, assess impact, and/or make decision on use of resources.
  • Knowledge of team management techniques to plan, organize, and direct team activities.
  • Knowledge of project management tools and techniques to plan, schedule, implement, and evaluate complex projects and studies.
  • Knowledge of budgeting methods and techniques to prepare, analyze, track and report the organization’s resource needs and accountabilities.
  • Knowledge of oral communication techniques to present findings and deliver briefings, explain and justify recommendations, and negotiate solutions.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with exceptional attention to detail;

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