The Laboratory System Strengthening Community of Practice Project (LabCoP)

Sharing and co-creation of knowledge and best practices


“Starting with existing knowledge and an emphasis on South-to-South collaboration, LabCoP seeks to define, document, and actively share both known and “to-be-created” best practices of viral load scale up and lab systems strengthening amongst MOHs and their stakeholders”

Dr. Peter Ehrenkranz, Gates Foundation

ASLM is launching a new initiative to foster the robust laboratory systems needed to support the ambitious UNAIDS 90-90-90 treatment targets and HIV epidemic control. LabCoP promotes the ‘co-creation’ (of tools, guidelines, policies, and strategies) to exchange knowledge, experiences, and best practices through regular ongoing virtual learning and collaboration sessions and through asynchronous engagement across an online platform. The initial focus is on scaling up viral load monitoring to support achievement of the third 90. Additional priority focus areas needed to enhance the functionality of laboratory systems in Africa will be added later.

Screenshot of LabCoP’s first videoconferencing on 15 December 2017

Screenshot of LabCoP’s first videoconferencing on 15 December 2017


Ministries of Health, clinicians, laboratorians, associations of people living with HIV


ICAP at Columbia University and Project ECHO™ at the University of New Mexico


Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Sudan,Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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