The ASLM Ambassadors Programme aims to advance the ASLM2020 Vision through Country Ambassadors that advocate for and facilitate ASLM goals and programmes in-country.

Through collaboration with local and regional health officials and organisations, ASLM Country Ambassadors:

  • Disseminate ASLM’s name and objectives in their region of domicile
  • Develop and sustain political engagement between local and national government officials, key institutions, laboratory professionals and ASLM members
  • Identify and respond to the needs of the local laboratory medicine community as well as government and professional organisations
  • Promote and explain the benefits of ASLM membership
  • Facilitate implementation of ASLM programmes, partnerships and activities

To better serve laboratory medicine communities on a local scale, ASLM may appoint multiple Country Ambassadors to appropriately advocate across varied fields related to the organisation’s vision.

Botswana: Dr. Medisa Mine – Email

Burkina-Faso: Prof. Jean Sakande –  Email

Cameroon: Prof. Francois-Xavier Mbopi-Peou – Email

Cote D’Ivoire: Prof. Daniel Sess – Email

Egypt: Dr. Saly Wagdy – Email

Ghana: Prof. William Kwabena Ampofo – Email

Kenya: Prof. Matilu Mwau – Email

Malawi: Mr. Reuben Mwenda – Email

Nigeria: Prof. Denis Agbonlahor – Email

Senegal: Prof. Coumba Toure Kane – Email